Rough Luck Racing

By Jon Norris

  • MGF
  • TF
  • ZR
  • ZS
  • ZT
  • Rover:
  • 25
  • 45
  • 75


Rough Luck Racing was named so after the car known as "Rough Luck". It was bought as a category C write off over eight years ago by Jon Norris an MG enthusiast. Jon has owned, repaired and serviced MG's and Rovers for many years. He began transforming the car which he named "Rough Luck" after its previous hard life.

Jon's background has been varied covering all types of motor engineering and electronics. The cars he has created have always had a theme, to be something different

His cars have featured in magazines such as MG Enthusiast and Classic Car Mart. The features have focused on both sides of Jon's talents, from the keeping and restoration of totally original modern classics to the totally modified road going track day car

MGF's and TF's have been at the forefront of the last eight years, gaining the respect of these communities and the members of forums who own these cars. He can often be found offering his technical advice for free on many sites just to keep the cars on the road.