Rough Luck Racing

By Jon Norris

  • MGF
  • TF
  • ZR
  • ZS
  • ZT
  • Rover:
  • 25
  • 45
  • 75

Frequently Asked Questions

» Does my car have head gasket failure?

Some of the more common symptoms are listed below:

  • White smoke from the exhaust when the engine is at running temperature
    (Water leaking to the cylinders)
  • Blue grey heavy smoke from the exhaust
    (Oil leaking to the cylinders)
  • Low water level in the top up bottle
    (External or internal water leaking)
  • Heater not working
    (External or internal water leaking)
  • Chocolate coloured creamy oil
    (Water leaked in to oil)
  • Chocolate creamy sludge in the water
    (Oil leaked in to water)
» My ECU is damaged can I fit an aftermarket ECU?

Yes, the easiest option with no need for reprogramming is replacing the ECU set, or the aftermarket option I recommend is the Emerald ECU.

» Can the Emerald ECU still immobilise my car as the factory one did?

Yes it can if required.

» Can I fit AP Front Callipers on my MGF/MG TF?

AP Front Callipers will fit directly to any MGF /MG TF, however you will require a minimum of 16 inch wheels.