Rough Luck Racing

By Jon Norris

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Head Gasket Failure Calculator

Fill in the following form to receive a quick diagnosis on head gasket failure (hgf).

  1. Does your car use (excessive amounts of) oil?

  2. Are the exhaust fumes coloured blue?

  3. Is it harder to start the car from cold?

  4. Did the car fail emissions tests?

  5. Is the car running less smoothly?

  6. Has the oil level increased on the dipstick?

  7. Does the oil appear thicker or does it have a coffee colour?

  8. Does there appear to be dirt, oil or a film of oil in the expansion tank? Or does the coolant appear to be darker?

  9. Is the car losing coolant?

  10. Is there white exhaust smoke even when the engine is up to running temperature?

The chance of you having HGF:

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Disclaimer: This is a generic calculator and will not give a 100% accurate diagnosis. To be on the safe side, please leave your contact details. We do not accept any liability for the results of the 'head gasket failure calculator' or its diagnosis.